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Dacolt projects


Dacolt has worked with Laborelec, the GDF-Suez competence centre in electrical power technology, to realize CFD simulations for the Paris City Heating Company CPCU for supporting decision making on replacing Heavy Fuel Oil burners with Biodiesel.


The auto-ignition, development and stabilization of a lifted n-heptane spray flame are successfully simulated with the Dacolt PSR+PDF combusion model, for a range of ambient oxygen concentrations.


Dacolt develops and hosts CFD look-up table software for the ECFM-CLEH combustion model of Renault.


Dacolt has delivered custom ECFM-CLEH CFD look-up tables with proprietary fuel characteristics, for an automotive OEM.


Dacolt has performed the implementation of an advanced Diesel combustion model in an in-house version of the Kiva CFD code for an automotive OEM.


Coupling of 0D PSR calculations to 3D CFD engine simulations for an automotive OEM.

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