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Turbocharge your favorite CFD code with Tabkin 2.0!

Chemistry tabulation is the most cost-effective way to include detailed chemistry in CFD simulations. Tabkin 2.0 embodies more than a decade of experience with chemistry tabulation for combustion applications.


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Turbocharge your favorite CFD code with Tabkin 2.0!

Tabkin CFD code interfaces

Tabkin works with your favorite CFD code and combustion model. Currently, Tabkin is available for ANSYS® FLUENT®, OpenFOAM®, Converge, AVL FIRE® and Star-CD®. Additional CFD code interfaces and model exports are under development or can be made on request.


Tabkin use cases and benefits

Our OEM customers use Tabkin in various ways, depending on the combustion model and CFD code of choice:

Detailed chemistry

  • Speed-up of 10x-1000x with chemistry tabulation
  • Improve CFD results by using more detailed reaction mechanisms


  • Create fuel-specific TKI look-up tables
  • Improve CFD results
  • Gain insight in ECFM-3Z/CLEH

In-house models

  • Generate custom tables for ignition delay, etc.
  • Fully supported code base for table generation and UDFs for efficient table interpolation

Mulitple CFD codes

  • Establish the same combustion modelling capabilities in multiple CFD codes
  • Fair basis for CFD code benchmarking

Dacolt FGM

  • Simple, fast and predictive combustion model
  • CFD runtime comparable to 1-step chemistry
  • Detailed chemistry + turbulence interactions
  • Read more

Tabkin applications

  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Gas Turbines
  • Industrial burners

More information on Tabkin

Contact us for more information.

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