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Dacolt is specialised in the integration of complex chemistry in CFD

Over the past years, Dacolt has established a proven track record in developing custom solutions to include complex chemistry effects in CFD simulations, for various CFD codes, combustion models, chemistry software and IT environments.

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Software Development

Complex chemistry & CFD

Complex chemistry effects play a predominant role in practical turbulent combustion applications. Accounting for such effects often requires custom software developments as latest modelling insights are not readily available in CFD software packages. Typical software development projects may involve:

  • Custom look-up table software
  • Combustion model implementation
  • Custom chemistry solvers

Dacolt has realised multiple software development projects for OEM customers like PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault and Air Liquide.

Custom look-up table software

Current trends in combustion modelling show that especially the use of look-up tables is emerging in the context of advanced combustion models. Dacolt builds custom software applications for creating the required look-up tables, with industrial specifications such as:

  • Specific input parameters related to the field of application
  • User interface with expert and non-expert user modes
  • Use of existing computing infrastructure
  • Export modules for specific combustion models and CFD codes

Dacolt can also generate custom CFD look-up tables for specific CFD models or particular reaction mechanisms. Additionally, the resulting tables can be hosted in the Tabkin® environment of Dacolt for analysis and deployment purposes. A sample look-up table is available to give an impression of this data analysis feature.

Integration of combustion models in CFD software

Although most CFD software providers have integrated one or several turbulent combustion models in their CFD code, many industrial CFD users have invested in their own turbulent combustion model developments, often in partnership with academic institutions. In order to fully benefit from this investment, it is critical that the developments are rapidly implemented and deployed in their industrial CFD process.

Dacolt has realised several custom model implementations over the last years, for various types of models, both in proprietary and Open Source CFD software packages.

Custom chemistry solvers

Dacolt has developed custom chemistry solvers to meet specific customer requirements. Typical custom solvers might involve a direct coupling between the chemistry solver and a CFD solver for example, or custom 1D (single or multi-zone) engine models. The custom solvers built by Dacolt usually rely on the Open Source package Cantera for the thermochemistry.

Software application and data hosting

Custom software packages for generating CFD look-up tables are typically Linux command-line based and can be deployed at the customer site. In complement of its software development services, Dacolt offers a hosting service within its Tabkin environment for this type of HPC software and the resulting data, which has the following benefits:

  • GUI: a web-based graphical user interface allows an easy setup of complex simulations
  • Scalable resources: Cloud Computing technology, no IT investments required
  • Easy deployment: access to the software package is multi-user and multi-site
  • Data visualisation: resulting data can be visualised for analysis purposes
  • Improved quality control: no source code distribution and centralised software version management
  • Security: high-grade encryption for secure data exchange

This hosting service turns powerful engineering software into light-weight web apps, accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.

View sample software development projects or contact us for more information.