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ATAG Verwarming B.V. provides high quality condensing boilers for domestic heating applications. For further insight in the heat exchanger operation, ATAG is working together with Dacolt on CFD analyses.


Ansaldo Energia works together with Dacolt on investigating various combustion models in ANSYS® FLUENT®, with an ultimate goal to improve the prediction of NOx emissions.


Dacolt has performed a series of simulations to investigate gas composition effects on flame length in an industrial furnace. The simulations have been realized for ArcelorMittal Gent, in collaboration with Actiflow.


Dacolt has upgraded its HPC capacity and participates in the HPC-in-the-cloud-experiment.


Dacolt announces the availability of the first release of Dacolt PSR+PDF combustion model for ANSYS® FLUENT®. Dacolt PSR+PDF allows to include detailed chemistry effects in CFD simulations and at the same time properly account for tubulence / chemistry interaction.


Icon Technology & Process Consulting Ltd. has formed a sales alliance with Dacolt to promote and support its CFD service, ICON FOAMpro in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. ICON FOAMpro provides first class open source-based CFD solver and meshing tools, combined with industrial support embedded in a professional environment.