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OpenFOAM® Combustion Training, April 15-17th, Ann Arbor (MI), USA.

Introduction to turbulent combustion modelling with OpenFOAM®

Date: April 15-17 2015

Venue: National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), Ann Arbor (MI), USA

Course description: This 3-day training focuses on (U)RANS modeling and aims to get the participants familiar with the basic theoretical concepts used in turbulent combustion modeling and to provide hands-on exercises to apply the theory in practice with OpenFOAM. Combustion theory basics will be covered during the first day of the training. Advanced topics like LES, radiation, heat-transfer and pollutants are not covered. The training will be provided in English.

Attendee profile: The training course is intended for: CFD engineers familiar with combustion and interested in exploring the capabilities of OpenFOAM; CFD engineers familiar with OpenFOAM and interested in exploring combustion modeling; and PhD or post-doc students in the field of combustion modeling working with OpenFOAM.

Prerequesites: Course participants should have knowledge of fluid dynamics modeling with CFD and preferably with basic OpenFOAM experience.

Computational resources: Trainees should bring a laptop computer to connect to the Internet. Dacolt will make the required computational resources available via the web browser, in collaboration with the UberCloud.


  • Day 1:
    • Introduction to turbulent combustion modelling in industry
    • Combustion chemistry
  • Day 2:
    • Turbulence / chemistry interaction
    • Non-premixed combustion modelling with reactingFoam
  • Day 3:
    • Non-premixed combustion modelling with reactingFoam
    • Premixed combustion modelling with XiFoam

Registration and further information: please visit the Dacolt store on the UberCloud marketplace


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