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Meet up with Dacolt at Turbo Expo 2014

Dacolt at Turbo Expo 2014:

  • Dacolt Presentation of Paper GT2014-25784: Wednesday June 18th, at 11:45 am, session WB-4-23, room 8A.
  • Dacolt Exhibition: Tuesday-Thursday, stand 1002. 

During Turbo Expo 2014, Dacolt will present it's research work on gas turbine combustion CFD modelling, based on Tabkin® and ANSYS® FLUENT®. As summarised in this article and illustrated by the video below, the CFD simulations by Dacolt capture the key physics of modern gas turbine combustion: a lean, partially-premixed, lifted flame stabilised in the wake of a Precessing Vortex Core (PVC) flow structure.