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ECFM-CLEH look-up table software


The ECFM-CLEH combustion model [1] makes use of complex chemistry data to describe auto-ignition, flame propagation, heat release rate and the formation of pollutant species. This data is computed a priori and stored in CFD look-up tables, which are read by the CFD code when starting a new CFD simulation.


The objectives of this software development project are as follows:

  • Create software to generate the CFD look-up tables containing PDF-averaged equilibrium data
  • Create software to PDF-average (over temperature) auto-ignition data

Software development

The tools developed have the following characteristics:

  • Thermochemistry: the Open Source package Cantera was used
  • Languages: Fortran 77/90 and C++


The developed software packages are validated and integrated in the CFD workflow of Renault. The software packages are hosted by Dacolt within the Tabkin® framework. 

An illustration of the equivalent equilibrium fuel mass fraction as function of mixture fraction is given in the image above for various levels of segregation S (or normalized mixture fraction variance).


  1. G. Subramanian et al., New developments in turbulent combustion modeling for engine design: ECFM-CLEH combustion submodel. SAE Technical Paper Series, 2007-01-0154.