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Combustion tools input and output modules

User interfaces

Dacolt web application tools have three pre-defined versions:

  • Default: an easy-to-use webinterface allowing basic input characteristics
  • Expert: a script-based webinterface where expert users can easily define very complex systems, as illustrated by the example on the right
  • Parametric:as the expert interface, but with the possibility to make a parametric variation

Custom interfaces can be made on request, tailored to your specific input/output requirements.

Data visualisation and export

The results of the simulations can be directly visualised upon completion of the simulation. Raw data output can also be downloaded for local post-processing.

CFD look-up tables

Dacolt PSR and Dacolt Equilibrium solvers are available in Tabkin® for generating CFD look-up tables.

Contact us for more information on the input and output modules of Dacolt combustion web applications.