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Dacolt PSR

The ability to determine basic reacting characteristics for a given chemical composition is of great importance in practical engineering that deals with improving system performance, optimising fuel economy and reducing pollutant emissions.

Dacolt PSR is a web application which can be used to investigate elementary combustion processes in detail. For example, the effect of initial temperature on auto-ignition take can be investigated, or the final composition for various levels of equivalence ratio of a given fuel and oxidiser mixture.

The demo below is based on the default Dacolt PSR version, with the following limitations:

  • Only an n-heptane / air system is available, based on the reaction mechanism of Curran et al.
  • The initial conditions are a limited number of combinations for equivalence ratio, temperature and pressure

Once you start a simulation, you will be redirected to the output stream to view the progress of the simulation. Upon completion you will be redirected to the visualisation module of Dacolt PSR.


  • Dacolt PSR uses latest Cloud Computing technologies and is available with different interfaces
  • Dacolt PSR is based on Dacolt numerics and thermochemistry from the Open Source package Cantera (copyright notice & disclaimer)
  • All species output units are mole fractions
  • Use the left mouse button for the zoom function on the plotting canvas
  • Most Internet browsers are supported, but using a recent version (e.g. Firefox 3.6, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 5, Chrome 5.0) will yield the best user experience

Contact us for more information or feedback on Dacolt PSR.