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Dacolt projects


Dacolt has realised various CFD analyses for Duiker, the leading Dutch manufacturer of main burners for sulphur recovery units.


This case study is a systematic investigation of the auto-ignition process of a n-heptane / air system, using Dacolt PSR, for a number of combinations of equivalence ratio, temperature and pressure.


Dacolt has developed a customised software package to create equilibrium CFD look-up tables for Air Liquide, for modelling industrial burners.


Dacolt develops and hosts CFD look-up table software for the ECFM-CLEH combustion model of Renault.


Dacolt has delivered custom ECFM-CLEH CFD look-up tables with proprietary fuel characteristics, for an automotive OEM.


Dacolt has provided expertise to Electrabel for the definition and assessment of a CFD study on biomass co-firing in its Gelderland coal-fired power plant.

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